10 Effective App Marketing Strategy That Works

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Digital marketing for mobile apps is a buzz on the internet. Everyone will give you tips on app promotion. But no one will tell you easy ways to gain website traffic. In this post, explore the 10 best digital marketing strategies for mobile apps. These will surely help you promote your app and get traffic. 

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to boost your business with the help of your smartphone. As per the 2020 stats, a total of 2.7 billion people use smartphones which results in thriving in the mobile app industry. With mobile technology boosting, there are almost 4 million apps available in the leading app stores. However, these apps have their own integrated mobile strategies. So companies need to understand the functionality of that particular app from where they wanted to attract most of their traffic.        

Create mobile apps for business

However, a definitive marketing strategy allows the app to stand out in the current app market. But focusing on designing and developing a well-functioning mobile app is an absolute win-win situation. However, if your end-users aren’t aware of the fact that such products exist, then all your hard work and efforts will go in vain. 

Statistics say that over 68% of mobile app companies have a clear-cut marketing strategy. On which, 90% of mobile app companies claimed that not only their mobile apps are pretty successful but also gained financial benefits. Out of which almost 30% said that they often update their apps. 

What is Digital Marketing for Mobile Apps? 

How to market apps? comprises a set of activities that help to promote a mobile app on the internet. It comprises organic and paid online marketing for mobile apps. The process involves defining the market, learning how to reach an audience, and strategy to communicate with customers. 

There are several benefits of digital marketing for mobile apps. Here are a few of them you should know.  

Mobile Apps Digital Marketing Advantages

Here are some interesting benefits of mobile apps marketing.

  • It’s affordable
  • Easy to manage
  • Reach mass audience
  • Global reach
  • Shortlist target audience
  • Niche targeting
  • Easy to track results
  • Choose from various ad formats

Thus only building an application isn’t enough; you have to spend equal time coming up with a sound strategy to attract the right audience. Following are the key points that will help you in creating the right promotional plan.  

10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Mobile Apps

Here is a list of 10 online marketing strategies for a mobile app that will help you acquire traffic.

1. Map out a potent SEO strategy 

SEO for mobile apps strategy
Marketing apps for business

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a technique to optimize a mobile app for search engines. Having a proper robust SEO strategy for mobile app marketing a couple of months before launching the app can save Google time to collect data. So it can attain a high rank on the SERP as soon as you launch the app. Thus, marketers should develop original content for sharing and uploading on either the brand’s website or social media platforms.     

2. Test different channels 

Best digital marketing platform for mobile apps
Marketing apps for iphone

It’s crucial to check the app on different channels during its post-developing app phase. Google’s Universal App Campaigns (UACs) can be a great help as it’s one such powerful advertising tool consisting of automatic ad types that spawn ample apps installed and generate more in-app conversions. 

Furthermore, Facebook Automated App Ads has been devised for forging mobile app installation campaigns designed for only one ad set. Else Running app store ads is another method to check how well your campings are performing. 

3. Long-Term Approach 

long term online marketing for apps

The mobile app companies must keep that in mind when marketing their app on the internet- they need to establish a systematic digital marketing plan for mobile apps for attracting quality users. That can use the app for a lifetime compared to the low-quality installs in higher volumes that result in the app’s poor performance.  

4. Focus on Retention and Acquisition 

focus on customer retention
Mobile app marketing campaigns

Though the acquisition-oriented success model looks engaging for myopic targets, for long-term growth, retention acts as the foundation of the app’s success. First, you should improve the first-time user experience as it’s seen that a fraction of the app installed is just used once. So it’s crucial to improve the app as there’s at least one customer worth returning.  You must add this approach to your digital marketing for apps strategy.

5. Role of right creatives 

Digital marketing apps

Being creative is crucial as the tone and mood work for one type of audience doesn’t need to do the same with the others. Especially, when most of the brands are creating viral content on social media platforms. You don’t need to miss out on the chance to connect with your users. You must invest in a plan for social media marketing for mobile apps. This also involves content marketing for apps on mobile. Having the right content will help customers to navigate easily. So, mobile companies need to modify their ads based on their audience preferences and interests. 

6. Segment the apps ads

mobile app digital marketing audience segmentation
Create mobile apps for business

To make your app more appealing and look organized, it’s better to create different segments for different users’ target groups based on gender, country, interests, and more. This method will not only help calibrate the specific segments’ comprehensive ad performance but also help understand the audience behaviors, interactions, and patterns. 

7. Conduct a Competitor Analysis      

mobile app competitor analysis
Marketing objectives for apps

Digital marketing in mobile is not easy especially with a huge competitor base. Analyzing your competitor’s growth model through monitoring their app store ranking, monetization model, reviews, pricing, UX cons, and pros can help you develop some points that can help you boost your app. 

8. Examine several ad formats  

10 Effective App Marketing Strategy That Works
Digital marketing mobile phones

You can use various ad formats to promote your app, such as banners, videos, rewards, or playable. However, it’s crucial to opt for the proper ad format to target the relevant users through playable ads, video ads, rewarded ads, and banner ads. Each form has its own uniqueness. So marketers should make sure that the platform must be able to deliver high-quality resolution ads. 

9. Get benefit from App Store Optimization 

Mobile app store optimization
Apps marketing strategy

Even the app listing must be optimized to make sure your app appears at the top of the app store’s search results. So you first need to identify and employ keywords that eventually help the app rank higher through organic search results. Moreover, the user picks your app through app store search results. So proper ASO (App Store Optimization) is vital to gain traffic for the app. 

10. Set and Track Proper KPIs

kpi for mobile app digital marketing
Marketing design apps

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help in analyzing and checking the app routinely. It also helps compute the app’s performance by evaluating the in-app activity and in-campaign, which are essential for the brand’s goals. Through this way, the marketers can determine where they need to improve their app.   

However, digital marketing needs time to show good results, and in this, consistency plays a key role for long-run success. So stay persistent and don’t leave it in the mid-way as the rewards will take time and are worth waiting for.      

Hire the Best Digital Marketing Company for Mobile Apps

Marketing a mobile app online is not easy. It requires specialized skills. We at Search Markup are a team of expert digital marketing for mobile apps. We can help you create an app, SEO, and social media marketing services. We also offer paid advertisement marketing for mobile apps. Search Markup is the best mobile app marketing agency in India.

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Team Search Markup

Team Search Markup

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