Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We focus on building a strategy that helps our clients fuel sales and increase ROI.

Our lead generation marketing strategy helps to capture and stimulate the interest of the consumer in your product and service offerings. For an effective lead generation, you need an expert like Search Markup who can guide you in nurturing meaningful relationships with qualified leads and building valid results.

Our team experience in diverse sectors can help your business to create more profitable leads by converting them into sales opportunities. Based on your requirement, we build a customized solution to address your business needs.

Outsource Lead Generation Service

Our team brings a decade of experience in lead generation services.

  • Modern Inbound Marketing: With an innovative marketing technique get ahead of your competitors to improve lead conversion into sales significantly. The target is to capture the focus of the customers with quality content, adding value in customer complete buying journey.
  • Online Lead Management: With our bespoke lead management service, manage your leads for an effective feedback and dispute resolution.
  • Real-time Delivery: We deliver leads’ details in real-time for the best possible opportunity to convert them into sales. We have expertise in providing quality leads at mutually agreed cost per lead (CPL) program.
  • High quality leads: Through quality grading and screening, we only receive high-quality leads. The advertisement for lead generation ensures that they target required audience.
  • Lead filtration: We refine leads just for you so that you get best motivated leads those are likely to convert into sales. They are exclusive leads which we never sell to other clients.
  • Database penetration: Database penetration is a most vulnerable component which is overlooked by business security. A database is a location where vast data may reside.
  • Google Adword: Start advertising with a professional google adword service provider. Get targeted PPC marketing and find customers with a display, search, video, and mobile app ads.

Grow your business with lead ads

Here is how we can help your business with lead adverts.

  • Grow your email list: The majority of the businesses looks for leads details to add them to their business newsletter and emails.  
  • Collect interest info/ survey: Educational and finance focused companies use survey form or lead ad form to collect information from the audience regarding their views. This helps them to define business strategy.
  • Improve sales funnel: For any sales strategy the important aspect is to respond fast and add maximum efforts. If an enquiry goes unanswered, there are chances that the leads become less likely to convert.
  • Targeted media banners: These types of banners allow businesses to create brand awareness, product launches, or event announcement.
  • Follow-up marketing: Follow-up causes restraint in the success of marketing strategy. Follow-up helps in converting customers into sales from both existing or potential. It is also essential for customer satisfaction.
  • Save cost and maximize benefits: We help you increase revenue and reduce cost by saving on infrastructure, manpower, time, and cost. The idea is to provide you with regular leads and let you focus on other core business functions.

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