How to Set Realistic SEO Goals (Updated 2020)

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How to Set Realistic SEO Goals in 2019

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With the beginning of the new year, every company set new business goals. What milestones your company has planned for 2019?

Similarly, an SEO professional should exercise mapping SEO strategy each year aligned towards goals. Here are three steps for setting the SEO action plan 2019:

  • Define targets: Where do you want to rank?
  • Establishing SEO benchmark: Where are we now?
  • Developing an action plan: How to read a goal?

Now, let’s discuss SEO goal 2019 in detail:

Define targets: Where do you want to rank?

Every SEO professional should be able to determine what success looks like by the end of the year. However, success is measured in terms of numbers. Here are a few key points you can set a path towards business goals:

  • Number of visitors/ traffic
  • Revue growth from existing customers
  • Revenue growth from new customers
  • Retention and lowering churn

Once you set metrics for your team, you will be able to measure results. Thus, defining targets is the first step before defining an SEO strategy.

Establishing SEO benchmark: Where are we now?

By now, you should have a clear understanding of a number of customers, leads, visitors, and opportunities your website needs. A website needs to add value to business overall marketing goals. Wherefore, your potential to achieve SEO goals 2019 can be measured based on the series of the benchmark. While this is defined in brands current positioning.

  • SEO Share of Voice (SOV): A share of Voice (SOV) allow to understand how well a brand ranks based on keywords or topics. For what percentage of those your brand rank on the first page of Google Search Engine? The activity gives us an opportunity to benchmark against both direct and indirect competitors. In fact, it helps to understand the segment of content that ranks well with targeted keywords. Not only this, it exposes new content distribution platforms to reach an audience.
  • Competitive Ranking Benchmark: It’s time to do more through competitive analysis. Analyse relevant keywords that your direct competitors are ranking. You can use a range of free to premium SEO tools in 2019. You can use SEMRush to find gap analysis.
  • SERP Benchmark: Analyse SERP traffic from organic, referral, paid other sources. Identify this benchmark to evaluate growth from 2018-2019. This benchmark signifies your site potential to scale into next year.
  • Conversion Rates: Your conversion rate is the percentage of web traffic that achieve desired goals of conversion out of a total number of visitors. However, the facto depends on the marketing team efforts to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. Identify these conversion rates on all platforms along with the quality of visitors and leads.
  • Rich Snippets: Google is constantly adding new features like rich snippets in SERPs. As an SEO professional, you can take advantage of these opportunities. Benchmark the percentage of rich snippets your keyword ranks against competitors. This will help you to identify content formats and markup that could take advantage of rich snippets. SEMrush and MOZ both offer this type of analysis to measure this over time.

Developing an action plan: How to read a goal?

SEO success is aligned towards achieving specific goals:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve traffic quality
  • Increase Leads
  • Improve the quality of leads

These goals depending on sub-factors including your benchmarks, search volume, competition, and budget. However, by refining down an action plan, you can prioritize the marketing investment budget.  Thus, can work on all sub-factors.


Primary factor that will affect your goal-setting are resources, timeline, and budget constraints. You cannot expect fast SEO results with no internal support and zero budget.

Sonu Pandey

Sonu Pandey

I’m Sonu Pandey, manager search marketing at Search Markup Digital Marketing working in the capacity of web marketing strategist and very much passionate about digital marketing I teach and provide online marketing services build from New Delhi, India. If you are in need of an Online Branding, Advertisement, Email Marketing, Organic Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Consulting for New Product or Website do contact me at [email protected] or +9198 710 26077. Other interests include a strange love of learning anything business related, watching movies and reading biographies.

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