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What is Online Brand Reputation Management?

Online reputation management meaning: Online reputation management is a proven process of measuring, monitoring, tracking, and creating captivating conversations. It gives businesses full liability to control a positive brand image. It is a potent way to protect brands’ online value. ORM is not limited to managing content. Indeed, it is a continuous process of repairing a direct brand persona at the right time.

Search Markup is a pioneer online reputation management company working with diverse clientele around the industry to build, repair, and maintain a positive reputation. We are a full-service brand online reputation management company that delivers proven results with a guarantee of 100% ROI. Our team of skilled digital marketing experts uses reverse search engine optimization to fix the negative results about you or your business efficiently. By choosing our ORM services, we guaranteed you to gain a positive and trustworthy name in the market.

Whether you operate a small business, a start-up, or a large enterprise, we are an expert online reputation management agency to assist you with preparing your business reputation online.


Our online reputation management service involves:

  • Fix Negative Search Results
  • Grow Personal Results
  • Improve Business Reputation
  • Removal Personal Information
  • Suppression of Negative News Articles
  • Online Review Removal
  • Search Engine Results Repair
  • Online Review Management
  • Online Branding & Public Relations
  • Reputation Mistakes Repair
  • Protection Against Online Defamation
  • Online Threat Prevention
  • Wikipedia Page Creation
  • Executive Reputation Repair
  • Online Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Survey Campaign Management
  • SEO Reputation Management

Search Markup Internet Marketing Agency is one of the top reputation management companies to offer custom services. We tailored our customized reputation management package to your unique business needs. Reputation management service for small businesses is flexible and affordable.

Who Needs Reputation Management?

Reputation management provides a chance to counter negative feedback. It also creates an opportunity to promote the experience with positive mentions. An effective online reputation strategy provides new opportunities and increases brand awareness.

what  we do

  • Images & Videos: Graphics, images, videos, mugshots, gifs, and other multimedia
  • Reviews: Consumer reviews, product & service reviews, bulk reviews
  • Complaints: Reputation bashing websites, scam reports, annoyed customers, unfair reviews, unwanted complaints
  • Ratings: Manage google rating, social media ratings, and other third-party sites
  • Forums: Remove critical comments and find out what people are saying
  • Press Release: News articles, press coverage, blog posts, gossip sites
  • Social Media: Profile creation, negative comments, unwanted posts, and unsupportive reviews
  • SEO: Content optimization, website promotions, meta description, back linking

Our Expertise

Search Markup business reputation management company works across brands, executives, and people of interest to assess the current situations and build a powerful internet reputation.

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Brand Analysis

Our team of best personal reputation management experts inspects the current position of your brand. Based on the analysis, we create a guaranteed plan that will lift your brand. We start with auditing existing online reputation including search engine

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Public Relations (PR)

PR helps to improve brand reputation, manage any negative comments and sentiment, and increase owned assets. We work with you to create an integrated Content, PR, and Social Media Plan – everything from blog and website content and targeted PR for local and national media and specialist publications to activity on your social channels.

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Review Management

Did you know over 97% of customers use internet search to research products and services? Search Markup review management service helps companies to harness the power of online review. We accomplished this by implementing a positive review management strategy, managing conversation online, and training your teams on best practices where required.

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On-Page Content Optimization

Sometimes we require going back to SEO basics. Search Engine Optimization with the right keywords is an easy and effective way to boost page rankings. Having better SEO on landing pages, blog posts, meta deception, or any digital asset is the simplest approach to rank sites in search engines. Pushing content with the right positive reviews boost organic search results.

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Social Media Branding

Social media is a major part of brand reputation management. Tracking and monitoring both negative and positive comments is crucial. We at Search Markup online reputation agency in Delhi manage positive results. We achieved this by creating adequate social media content, along with optimizing with constructive affirmation. Besides creating a social media reputation management strategy that makes business accessible and customer-centric.

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Creating & Managing Assets

We optimize existing assets and create new ones for you, where required, such as websites, blogs, social and professional profiles. This is one of the first stages in how online reputation management works.

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Product Review

Thrive your eCommerce online store business with Search Markup online customer-centric product reputation management service. We facilitate an efficient review monitoring process across the product catalog. Ecommerce businesses offer an array of products. Catering positive mentions of each product is a complex task. Our eCommerce reputation management solution helps online stores to protect their brand image. This helps to sustain huge web traffic and increase conversion.

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Email Marketing

A good reputation is vital to the success of an email marketing strategy. It is a technique to assure that the receipt reads your message. We help to completely automate your SMS and Email Marketing campaign solution. Our emailer marketing service facilities survey campaign management with target reputation management service. By reaching out to backlinking your customers to gain more reviews supports survey campaign management.

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Removing Content

Examine burning out negative content, images, or videos where we can unsubstantiated remove them all. We also submit removal requests or disavow links to websites or Google. 93% of people say online reviews affect their buying decision. Did you know just 22% of single negative reviews can drive customers away? We help to address removing unwanted content safeguarding your business from potential threats.

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Business Listing Management

We help to distribute your business information to top web directories. By outsourcing your citation management to our reputation marketing company, you save time and cost. Our ORM experts create the most comprehensive business profiles across the local citation which is SEO optimized. This enhances web presence and helps to attain consistent customer reviews and star ratings.

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Press Release Submission

PR plays an important role in throwing a positive light on a brand’s online reputation. Press coverage is helpful because Google’s recency signals with news articles mean new coverage can quickly overtake any negative material that is currently ranking. We submit trustworthy press releases on behalf of your brand that will boost your brand online reputation.

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We monitor your online presence, including mentions, sentiment, coverage, social media mentions, reviews, follows, and rankings. Online reputation monitoring is the essence of brand management. Equip your business with a Search Markup web reputation monitoring service where we facilitate your business to reclaim online reputation by tracking, removing, and generating new reviews.

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We use a real-time dashboard so that you can review progress whenever you want. Each month we will agree on priorities for the month ahead and review progress from the previous month. We will also arrange quarterly reviews.

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White-Label Reputation Management

Our reputation management agency provides white-label service to help your brand lead its online presence. Our white-label reputation management solution helps you to improve your daily operations and let you focus on core business. It makes managing hundreds of locations with ease by saving you time and cost.

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Your business can miss 50% of clicks Our ORM service can make a difference

How Online Reputation Management Service Can Help Your Business?

Company reputation is critical to digital success. The Internet is the first platform a customer searches for information about a product or service. We deal in corporate reputation management services which ensures it accurately represents your business online. Our reputation management service for corporate allows you to:

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Reach Relevant Customers

Customers are constantly looking for a business with positive feedback. We amplify businesses with positive reviews which influence purchasing decisions. Our internet reputation management service comprises monitoring reviews across online platforms.

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Generate Positive Business Reviews

Our reputation manager ensures that your business involves a steady flow of verified online reviews. Positive reviews act as a verified source of authentication which guides customers in making buying decisions.

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Increase Customers Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges that businesses experience today is keeping existing consumers happy in the long run. Search Markup believes in being a growing brand reputation management company that offers transparency and trustworthy service.

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Attract High-Performance Employees

A team plays an essential role in keeping business alive. For human resources, empowerment and satisfaction are one of the top priorities. An Internet reputation management company allows you to measure employer experience and engagement. By gathering actionable data we help you improve your staff retention and enhance acquisition strategies.

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Boost SEO Efforts

We are an acclaimed SEO reputation management company. To create your brand awareness to amplify your customers' voices online and boost search rankings.

Drawback of Poor Online Reputation

Bad online reputation can lead to:

  • Rise Of Skepticism
  • Bad Search Results
  • Low Search Engine Rankings
  • Lack Of Website Traffic
  • Loss Of Review
  • Poo Brand Reputation
  • Reduce Customer Retention

How To Do Online Reputation Management Work?

The benefit of online reputation management is that it influences customers, including:

We opened a clinic three years back. Our competitors wrote a few negative comments on our profile which disrupt our sales. We reached Search Markup online reputation management service in India to help us improve our online reputation. They did a pretty good job. This helped us revive our business by 89%.
Thanks, Search Markup. We started an online boutique store. We contacted formerly to remove the fake information and customer reviews online. Search Markup SEO online reputation expert in India helped us manage and create an excellent reputation online. It is the best company for reputation management in Delhi.

Does Online Reputation Matter?

Online reputation is essential to many businesses whether small to large enterprises. Your social media accounts, content marketing strategy, and public relations efforts can come a long way to promote your brand image.

To conclude, 91% of all search engine traffic comes from Google. More and more users are depending on Google search to find brands. However, 90% of these customers search for a business in Google for your brand present on the first page. This means that the first page Google Ranking result alone accounts for 95% of traffic to the website. 64% of customers rely on search engines for answers. This is the best advantage for companies to form an impression on their clients.

Search Markup Online Reputation Management Service uses comprehensive techniques to create a strong digital footprint. Our SEO reputation management services can help make sure they cast your brand image in the best possible light wherever it appears on the web

Why Choose Search Markup Reputation  Management Service?

Search Markup Digital Marketing Company is a leading online review management company. We boast decades of expertise and experience in brand reputation management. Whether you need help with online review management, reputation control, or review monitoring, we as the best business reputation management firm can assist you. Here is what to expect from our dedicated best personal reputation management service:

  • Personalized marketing service: One of the most common mistakes that review management service providers make is that they launch without understanding the business’s unique needs. At Search Markup, Online Reputation Management Definition is just not limited to the basics. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our ORM team performs detailed market research to deliver custom online reputation management services that meet today’s business needs and demands.
  • Detailed reporting: We understand that each business needs a unique solution. We understand you and deliver the best dedicated online reputation management service provider. We offer a transparent service that offers access to reputation management tools that enlighten your competitive edge. Alongside, we deliver a monthly report to understand the progress.
  • Dedicated account manager: As yours continues to grow, we provide you a dedicated account manager to manage your reputation management strategy. We assign a dedicated reputation manager to handle your online rating and review campaign. Our team of SEO expertise manages and supports the entire review management process.
  • Robust tools: We have partnered with top reputation management tools that streamline strategy to achieve goals. As one of the most trusted reputation management companies in India, we undergo a comprehensive testing process. In addition, we launch a client’s campaign to leverage online review management software to manage your digital reputation.
  • Diverse industry expertise: No matter what industry you offer service, we got you covered. Search Markup specializes in working with industries with different specializations. Our reputation marketing service comprises discovery services including link building, search engine marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and eCommerce marketing.
  • Inventive strategy: Repairing online reputation is complex work. We are a data-driven organization that is committed to achieving full market potential. Our online reputation company in Ghaziabad performs extensive analysis and audit strategies to meet your business promotional goals.

frequently asked questions

Reputation management is the art of building positive valuable assets. It is a practice of attempting to shape public perception into local advocates by building a brand online and digital presence. Moreover, it is the way we communicate, look up information online or interact with each other and businesses are constantly strengthening, so is Online Reputation Management. A negative market reputation online will drive potential customers away. Online reputation management service is a way to maintain and enhance a brand's positive brand image.

Many times, reputation management works as a Public Relation (PR). ORM is executing activities that influence the customer’s perception of online brands. We achieve this through several ways that include responding to online criticism, solving critical reviews cause, and pushing negative search results in Google.

The price of an online reputation management service depends on the size of the company and its existing reputation. Often, the cost of an online reputation service in Delhi starts from Rs. 60,000 and may exceed Rs. 2 lakh. Several factors decide the price of hiring a reputation management company in India.

Reputation management is a crucial part of an organization or business as it handles the online reviews to build the business reputation in the public eyes. A customer-oriented organization bothers a lot about its online presence. So the reputation management helps in attracting the target audience and acquiring new customers. The following are the main reasons which explain the importance of reputation management.

  • It helps in improving search engine ranking and visibility so the targeted audience can easily reach them.
  • However, online reviews not only mean to please the algorithm but also means to identify the brand. Thus, it helps the business to form positive reviews.
  • When your clients and customers trust your business, you generate high revenues.
  • Reputation management also helps in building a professional image.

If your brand is receiving negative search results on Google, it will impact your overall business. However, getting negative attention can happen suddenly, and it becomes difficult to prevent it. But the reputation management closely monitors which web pages the brand name is mentioned on and then mitigates the damage caused by the harmful content.


Thus, reputation management companies use SEO, link building, public relations, social media, and other strategies to lessen the impact. Through these means, reputation management companies can reshape the brand’s online presence by influencing via attractive content that can later appear in the top search engine results.

Reputation management online services employ several strategies to boost the brand’s professional image. These are some of the most common methods which reputation management using:

  • Content creation: Creating content is the most effective way to build an online presence and mitigate negative responses. Generally, these services offer different forms of content, including articles, websites, blog posts, press releases, wiki sites, business listings, and business profiles. So with the proper use of headlines, keywords, metadata, you can boost your online presence.
  • Review management and acquisition: It helps contact the previous customers to get their valuable feedback and promote positive reviews through search engines and social media. Further, active social media helps in reaching new customers.
  • Online reporting and management: This tool monitors other blogs, websites, forums, and news sites to find whether other people mention your brand. Through campaigns, it helps to reach a larger group audience to build your brand name.

Online reputation management also manages your social media image. First, it creates a social media account on the platform that is most pertinent to your brand. For instance, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Later, it manages your business account after setting up your profile on all the relevant channels. The online reputation management then posts appropriate content and monitors the negative reviews.


Today active social media helps in boosting your brand quickly than any other strategy. Further, some offer crisis management which helps in targeting the reputation attack. So with the help of innovative strategies, they will suppress or remove the harmful content to positive content creation.  

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