Sakshi Bali

Sakshi Bali

Ms. Sakshi Bali
Content Strategist

Sakshi is a Content Strategist with more than 6 years of experience in content management, market research, technical writing, and social media strategy. Her writing aims to educate and engage with the audience on topics ranging from travel to technology and friction, that pairs well with her passion for market research. Combined, these skill sets, deliver creative content that is goal-oriented, measurable, and data-driven.

She understands that not every client has the same marketing objectives and the targeted audience. She plays an important role in making a flawless marketing content for clients which is always optimized for her proven SEO strategies. Sakshi values intelligence, fact-based statements, and strong command over the English language. She likes playing with content to solve problems that result in a positive impact on the client’s business. She also enjoys sharing knowledge and works collaboratively with the team of developers, designers, and photographers.

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