Tanisha Mittal

Tanisha Mittal

Ms. Tanisha Mittal
Digital Marketing Executive

As a Digital Marketing Executive, Tanisha uses her sharp sense of identifying the targeted audience to make clients social media presence come to life. She works directly with inbound social media strategy as a party of complete marketing strategy. Tanisha likes to blend the paid social media and organic content which helps clients to nurture and generate valuable leads for clients. Tanisha assist brands to maintain social media presence, maximize email conversion rate, planning marketing campaigns, managing fan database, analyzing analytics (including actionable insights), and implementing email campaigns.

She is passionate about learning as it helps her to connect with clients to strategical solve problems. Her job involves assisting of social media campaigns and content optimization for wide variety of clients. Using different marketing strategy, Tanisha helps clients to increase their online visibility. Tanisha has a strong passion for social media marketing and creative thinking is the necessity for addressing client requirements.

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