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With hundreds of institutes opening every month and guarantees to provide quality education to students, competition is increasing. Hence, it becomes difficult for students to wade between so many options to reach you. This raises the need for building a creative digital marketing strategy to attract and retain students and parents around the world.

What is educational search engine service?

Educational search engine optimization (SEO) is a modern digital marketing technique to reach your customers (students) or clients when they are looking for you on search engines. It comprises of a targeted audience who are interested in your institute offering through intended content in a form of a text, visuals, ads, images, or videos.

We target all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more on both desktop and mobile platforms.

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Influence decision making

Most of the educational institutions do not understand the difference between branded and non-branded traffic. Our unique approach help institutes to enhance their existing and potential digital marketing strategy. Using the student’s behaviour analytics helps you with formulating data-driven decisions. Our strategy consists of long-term planning and execution:

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Cost-effective solution for increasing visibility

We are ready for unique challenges by converting website visitors into leads and leads into committed sales.

  • Bring meaningful traffic to the website
  • Become visible for relevant programs
  • Appear of Google search and local business pages
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase lead generation efforts

Stay ahead of the competition

Educational SEO, a cost-effective method will facilitate a consistent visibility and gain valuable traffic with the right tools and strategy:

  • Comprehensive keyword research to determine the ranking of top programs
  • Measuring the quality of site indexing
  • Develop quality content for blogs press release, articles, and newsletters
  • Generate high-value links to attract students
  • Maintain top ranking on search engines

Why choose Search Markup?

At Search Markup, we believe that as the world is evolving with time it is important and that is why we are so passionate about what we do. The digital marketing is constantly shifting and we should build a strategy that should shift with that. Every social platform allows a system for challenging innovations were we see these challenges as an exclusive way to deliver measurable results. We won’t stop until we achieve our core strategy of ranking your name at the top.

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