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What is Local SEO?

Do you want to attract new business in your local area? If you’re in an attempt to drive business & recognized locally, hire the best local SEO marketing agency. Local SEO is all about optimizing a website to rank better for a local audience. Your business site should always be in #1 position with location & name, and in the top #5, a position for the relevant keywords in your business verticals. Our customized plans drive potential customers to your website that is professionally executed.

Get a Dedicated Local Search Expert

Many years of experience in local SEO and armed with industry data, our dedicated expert will help you boost up sales and build customers loyalty. We utilize proven strategies to consistently comply and update your business and geographic information so that your website is effortlessly found major search engines and online directories. Our services are inclusive of everything needed to get you on top and stay here.

Local Search Strategy

Connect with your local audience by content optimizing in particular to geographical location. Optimizing your existing content for the local market and developing new content with local touch will help your business to take the first step to local SEO.

Local Business Listing

Let local users discover your business who are seeking to have service like yours. Being a local SEO marketing company, we help you develop a structured local business listing whether at Google, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Yelp. Facebook, or elsewhere.

Map Search Optimization

The Google map citations for local SEO  is essential to ensure a map-driven listing is connected to the potential local audience. The first page of local search results appear on Google Maps searches for the business of certain niche keywords.

Image Optimization

Are you struggling with high page load time? Is your website performance slashing? Optimize your site images without compromising on image quality, for a positive impact on page load time and enhance user-experience of visitors on your site.

Implementing Local Search Schema

Gain a competitive advantage by properly implementing structured data markup. Our digital marketing team masters in executing any form of search engine optimization and so implementing a schema markup to make small business more popular among competitors.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Keywords connect website content with user searches. An effective keyword research and SEO targeting facilitate you to reach the right customers. If you find keyword suggestion practice and targeting troublesome, you can join hands with us.

Content Optimization

Increase your organic local searches with impactful digital marketing tactics. Aligning and prioritizing your content is the prime source of a business success. Every website needs an effective content strategy by incorporating optimized keywords.

Niche Link Building

Our SEO professionals offers immense skills in content creation and content marketing. This makes us stand out from other Local SEO company. Our service is more targeted towards building strong links for the website.

Better Competitor Analysis

Competitor research and monitoring is a must marketing strategy for any growing business. With our local SEO services India, we aid businesses by evaluating competitors strategies. Thereby, this will help business to become more stable in the long-run.

We Can Help Your Local Business Grow

Analyzing Local Competition

We analyse your competition where your local competition is relatively more than the national competition. Optimizing your site for local listing will make your far more valuable within a local audience. Determining the exact competitor and right geographical location can help narrow down the local competition.

Local SEO Rank Tracking

Because search engine ranking varies from one city to another, we offer quality solutions to track how you rank across search engines and on different result types. Discover your website organic ranking with the real-time position for the targeted locations to drive business and fast-track success.

Local Mobile SEO

Do you optimize local search on mobile? Optimizing site on mobile locally is equally important as on the desktop. As a result, you’re missing out on huge local traffic. We’ve assisted clients by improving website configuration & redesign, recommending local targeting tactics, and implement best practice.

Guaranteed Google Listing

Is your brand visible to potential customers? Are you on the first page of Google search? We offer guaranteed and affordable Google local listing SEO services. Before initiating SEO proposal, we promise to give 100% to all aspect and facilitate small or large business by bringing massive customers at all the targeted website pages.

Increase Conversion Rates

Getting traffic on a site is great, but if that traffic doesn’t convert, it’s useless. Targeting local searches boost conversion rate. Our local SEO services India allows your site to rank on every major search engine. In order to easily be seen by potential customers in local search results.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Keywords connect website content with user searches. An effective keyword research and SEO targeting facilitate you to reach the right customers. If you find keyword suggestion practice and targeting troublesome, you can join hands with us.

Meta Tag Optimization

Is your website visible to a search engine? We’re a best local SEO company in India, eager to offer services that will optimize your meta information. Like- meta title, meta description, meta keywords; making it easy for search engines to read.

Hyperlink Optimization

We understand your business is unique and so are its needs. Optimizing links within the site is a life and soul of a website. Anchor text tells the search engine what is the target page relevant. Hyperlink optimization in blogs and web pages will improve your ranking in search engine results.

Reliable Business Boost

Reliability affects business outcomes. We understand that you are looking for a trusted skill set that can produce reliable results. Our SEO local business listing service proved beneficial to boost local business and increase business promotions against competitors with our digital marketing strategy.

Be found by your customers

Local SEO Link Building

We personalize your digital marketing campaign so that it eventually leads to an increase in website traffic and revenue. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing lets you track each click made and measure every conversion generated. A strong organic search strategy helps reduce your marketing costs, improving your brand visibility helps increase conversions using paid advertisements or sending out beautifully designed email campaigns to targeted customers.  As increased web traffic increases your revenue and sales, it’s important you maintain a strong digital marketing campaign using link-attracting unique and relevant content.

Local Listing Citations

  • Local Listing Citations
  • Local directories
  • Local map listing
  • Local search engine
  • Local forums
  • Local Business Nominations
  • Leverage local daily deal sites
  • Broken link building
  • Local resource directories
  • Link reclamation

Local SEO KPIs

Accurate and Concise Reporting

Our dedicated project analysis team provides you with a monthly progress report to keep you updated with activities and results. We also do a quarterly strategy revision and health check for all local SEO ranking factors to ensure clients long-term sustainable results. Here are key ranking factors for Local SEO KPIs.

Local SEO Ranking

  • Search Ranking
  • Listing Citations
  • URL Structure Analysis
  • Content Quality Check
  • Mobile Optimization and Responsive Design
  • Online Traffic
  • Current Search Engine Indexing
  • On-Page Activity
  • Local Reviews
  • Average Ratings

Website Audit & Optimization

You are likely to miss vital information without the critical step of a citation audit. Unorganized citations hurt your local ranking, let us fix them! We analyze all your citations from every listing and directories to help your business achieve success with Local SEO. Search Markup got you covered! We research, track and offer support with your search ranking. Not only you can determine your results, but we also continue work on your local SEO profile monthly.

  • Website Performance Optimization Assessment
  • Search Engine Optimization Assessent
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Assessment
  • Technical Assessment

Risk-Free Assessment

Get in touch with us so that we can do a risk-free assessment to help you better understand your current situation. Our business SEO and local business marketing services is a highly effective strategy help, small business grow. Let us help your business increase online visibility and increase your ROI.

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Search Markup Local SEO services are perfect for website owners and anyone who needs to improve a website.

  • Save Money: Local optimization is worth the investment
  • Save Time: Discover local SEO checklist best practice.
  • Save Effort: Get your content right to maximize SEO efforts.
  • Save Reputation: Monitor, build and enhance brand online reputation.
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