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SEO Packages for Website Traffic, Leads & Sales

Our SEO packages help you rank in top 10 for desired keywords and start getting quality leads. Now, multiply your sales by reaching your audience at national or international level. We build your SEO campaign keeping in mind all minute details on averate we will increase your website traffic by 300% so that the entire process of website optimization looks natural assured results in affordable price.

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SEO Packages

Best Local SEO Packages / Google Business Listing / GMB / Bing Local & Facebook

Local SEO Starter

1 GMB Listing + 3 Keywords
  • Google My Business (GMB) Setup
  • Bing Local Listing Setup
  • Facebook Business Listing
  • Local Citations Building
  • 1 GMB Listing Post / Week
  • 70% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee on Google

Local SEO Multilocation

3 GMB Listing + 9 Keywords
  • Google My Business (GMB) Setup
  • Bing Local Listing Setup
  • Facebook Business Listing
  • Local Citations Building
  • 2 GMB Listing Post / Week
  • 70% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee on Google

Local SEO Growth

6 GMB Listing + 18 Keywords
  • Google My Business (GMB) Setup
  • Bing Local Listing Setup
  • Facebook Business Listing
  • Local Citations Building
  • 3 GMB Listing Post / Week
  • 70% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee on Google

SEO Package for Startup, Growth, and Enterprise

Custom SEO Package

INR 2000 / Keyword / Month / Minimum 15 Keyword
  • SEO will be Done on 15 Keywords
  • Google Business Listing
  • 1 GMB Listing Post / Week
  • Google Search Console Reporting / Rectification
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Service Listing / Product Listing on Social Media
  • Website Speed / Page Speed Suggestion
  • 70% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee on Google

SEO Growth

SEO / Social Media / GMB / Cloud Hosting / Website Designing & Development / Website Maintenance
  • SEO will be Done on 30 Keywords
  • 2 Weekly Post on 3 Social Media Channel
  • Free GMB Local SEO Starter
  • Ongoing Link Building Service
  • Free Essential WordPress Plugin wroth $999
  • Web Hosting on 6 Core, 6 GB Cloud Hosting with CDN
  • Service Listing / Product Listing on Social Media
  • Website Speed Optimization (when on our Server)
  • Error Free Google Search Console
  • 70% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee on Google

SEO Enterprise / Feature Listing

Google Features Listing Optimization
  • Featured Snippet
  • Local pack
  • Site links
  • People also ask
  • F.A.Q
  • Video Carousel
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Featured Video
  • Image pack

All SEO Package Includes the Following

Tools we use to accomplish the SEO Optimization Growth for you


SEO packages are a set of pitches offered to a company. These pitches comprise multiple items combined together to provide the best value. There is a range of basic SEO packages to advanced SEO packages we offer for businesses who want to increase their online visibility.

The types of cheap SEO packages vary from company to company. Some common cheapest SEO packages are basic, enterprise, advance, and professional. Our affordable cheap SEO packages suit all types of the domain from a small or large business. Like healthcare, eCommerce, lawyer, finance, banking, hotels, travel etc.

Many marketers new to digital marketing fail to understand the difference between SEO and local SEO. It is important to understand the difference between both. There are other types like global SEO, National SEO, international SEO, and Geo-targeting SEO.

SEO is an online practice of increasing quality and quantity of website traffic by targeting an audience. While local SEO is a practice where we only target the local market. By the local market, we mean the region in which the business is operating services.

Our local SEO package pricing is very cost-effective for all types of business. When planning for a local search engine optimization package we offer the best price. Our local SEO packages prices depend on factors like:

  • Business type
  • Type of product and services
  • Area / Location
  • Keywords CPC

Our SEO package pricing depends on the type of services you choose. When a business owner talks to us about our monthly SEO package pricing. We don’t have an answer to it. We verify the list of their business requirements before sharing a professional SEO quote. Some common question we ask from them are:

  • Do you have a website or a mobile app? Because when planning to start an SEO, a business must have a website or mobile app. The business may or may not have a website. But they do require a webpage.
  • What budget do they have? We understand the business need before designing an SEO package.
  • Market Research: At this stage, we begin to research their current market positioning. This step helps to evaluate the scope of business SEO needs.
  • Keyword positioning: This SEO process also includes keyword analysis. Depending on the cost of an SEO package pricing, we have to accomplish competitor analysis.

An affordable SEO package cost is determined on the factors like keywords, competition, region etc. The best SEO affordable package starts from Rs. 33,000 per month. The price can exceed as high as Rs. 1 lac per month in case of e-commerce SEO services.

Here is a detailed plan for an affordable SEO package for small business. As an SEO company package pricing, we ensure that our cost matches the following factors:

  • Quality website traffic
  • Best SEO strategies for ranking higher in chief competitors.
  • Check for duplicate content vs creating original content
  • Check for Google penalties
  • Setting up Google analytics and webmaster console
  • Create quality backlinks
  • Identify black hat SEO that affecting technical off-page search engine optimization

Many people ask us if it is important to hire an SEO company. Some businesses also compare freelancer SEO service vs. SEO service of a company when it comes to low-cost SEO package pricing. An SEO services package from a professional company is higher than a freelance SEO expert.

This is because an SEO company assigns dedicated SEO resources for a project. Along with web developer, graphic designer, on-page SEO, off-page SEO experts and content writer. This team also comprises a social media manager and an account manager.

However, the cost of hiring an SEO company may be higher than hiring a freelance SEO expert. But, it is all worth it. As we mentioned, an SEO company divides each task and assigns it to an expert, unlike a freelancer who is unlikely to have a qualified certification to do so.

We offer the ridiculously best eCommerce SEO package for business. We understand that eCommerce businesses do not have much startup funds to spend on eCommerce SEO costly packages. This is why we major offer a reliable solution for eCommerce organic SEO plans instead of a paid package. Pay-per-click (PPC) for eCommerce websites with over hundreds of products like Amazon, Flipkart, Target, Walmart, Torrid, Myntra can be expensive.

We implement an affordable SEO eCommerce package strategy. This includes creating quality product descriptions and customer reviews. This is because higher customer retention will be the spread of word. We also combine social media marketing to reach customers through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. In fact, we also suggest Youtube for eCommerce SEO pricing package cost. Here site structures also matter a lot. Our web designer ensures that your eCommerce website meets following SEO website audit parameters:

  • User-friendly design
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment gateway
  • Privacy policy, payment terms, terms of use
  • Sitemap
  • XML setup
  • Page speed load
  • User-friendly UI

Our acclaimed eCommerce SEO packages are adept for top-tier online stores.

We guarantee companies with a commitment to achieve top SEO ranking in 6 months to 12 months times. In other words, we offer a 70% commitment on Top 10 Google ranking with our affordable SEO monthly packages. For more details, we request you to talk to our SEO consultant for a detailed estimation. Because ranking on the top 10 google ranking requires a strategic online marketing plan.

SEO packages in India for small to big business are relatively inexpensive in India. Hiring an SEO company in India is common from countries like the USA, Europe, Russia, Canada, Japan, China, Singapore, Dubai and more. The prime reason is that the SEO company responses are much cheaper than SEO packages in India today. The cost is low because of the low cost of living in the country.

Ask the SEO expert when choosing the keyword for your business. Identifying the right keywords is important for the business. Right keywords equally depend on your business opportunities to rank higher in search engine results. This depends on what your intent user research on the search engine. We utilize premium SEO tools like SeMRush, Yoast SEO, AHREF, Keyword Research Tool, Ubersuggest, MOZ, and Backlinko.

These are some essential keyword planner tools we use. This helps us to identify the best keyword for an SEO package.

There is no lock-in contract period when buying an SEO package for small business. You can get a custom SEO package based on business needs.

To get started the basic SEO package comprises the keyword research, setting up Google analytics, submitting to index, creating a sitemap, optimizing the site with keywords, and creating backlinks.

Whether your website is new or old, our SEO packages are safe to purchase. Our experts will execute an SEO action plan for website growth. We follow practice ethical SEO service to build natural links and no paid links.

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