SEO Service FAQ

SEO Services FAQ

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is generally categorized in to two main areas: on-page and off-page optimization. To begin with, off-page optimization essentially refers to the backlinks (these are links pointing to a website which is getting optimized) while on-page optimization refers to elements of a website comprising of web pages like the images, textual content and HTML codes. Here are the FAQs of SEO Services:

“SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the online visibility of a website in organic search space which is “natural” or un-paid, for example, listings in the search engine result pages or SERPs.”

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about making your website in a Google-friendly way. This means that search engines take into account a wide range of features on every website. All these characteristics are centered on making the user experience as good as possible. After Google analyzes all these factors, a Page Rank is then determined. In simple words, this Page Rank shall establish where your site falls on the search engine’s results page. As a client, you know your target market, most unique offerings as well as the value proposition. As an SEO Agency, it’s our job to make your website function at its peak level and create content which reflects everything that’s great about your business; to showcase whatever makes you money.

There are a few factors that shall determine how slowly (or quickly) results will come. The list includes, but it isn’t limited to:

How much content you usually create

The quality of your content

How your content resonates with your target audience

If you’re a small or big site with weak or strong domain authority

A large website could see results in a few days if the search engines are crawling their website regularly. On the other hand, smaller websites will most likely take a longer time period because they get crawled infrequently. Wait for a week, but probably closer to one month, before considering changing your SEO strategy. You should a bit longer if you are new to SEO.

At the time of Search on a Web Browser, there are two types of search results. One is organic results and another is paid result. While paid results appear on the very top right corner of the page in the pay per click form and are the way great way to built sites reputation. The Organic results that are achieved with the help of SEO are quite desirable and suitable and do not require you to pay anything for them.

Page Titles and Meta Tags of a Uniform Resource Locater appear on the similar page of the search results for the similar URL Page Title along with Meta description tags. Page titles are absolutely vital and are one of the most crucial ways to explain as to what a specific URL contains in respect to search engines. The page title is always required to be managed properly in relation to a URL in order to rank it for a specific term. Meta descriptions are crucial and assist the browser understands as to what is your web pages are about. It is a sort of opportunity to put some relevant content as the description in front of the potential visitor to persuade them to click on the link. Optimization is vital at this place but the importance of valuable information and call to action cannot be taken for granted and should be considered according to the URL.

Fortunately, Google Analytics normally provides us with a clear platform to prove results. You will be seeing a lot of metrics that benchmark well and go over your questions frequently. However, it is really important to remember the fact that changes made on a site today may not get results instantly. Also, link building through creating relationships normally takes time. A good Search Engine Optimization campaign requires a lot of patience as well as a willingness to keep all your expectations in line with what’s possible. Ensure that you express this to your customers in the beginning. Many customers don’t just get this, yet they have to. Constantly remind them that they hired a whole company of experts and we know what we’re doing quite well.

Organic results refer to results that appear in the search engines, based on a given algorithm for free. On the other hand, inorganic or paid refers to search results that appear on the side or top of a page. These are basically the links that the advertisers pay so as to appear on various search engines.

SEO involves a number of tactics that help to optimize your website. A combination of search engine optimization and online marketing is a good way for achieving great optimization. Unlike short-term advertising, SEO presents tenacious results.

Just like any other business, nothing remains the same forever. And in the SEO business, things rarely stay the same even for a month. While we would like you to understand all the principles behind how search engines like Google work, it’s even of more importance to know that you hired a team of experts who are knowledgeable in the industry. We spend a lot of hours scanning the online space for best practices and new tactics. We are always on top of all SEO trends so you do not have to be worried about anything, and that’s what makes our services valuable.

Once we have made your website the best that it can be, like-minded users (and websites) will start recognizing the value that it provides. As they get the information on your website useful, they’re likely to link to the content in form of blog posts, email to a friend, share on the social media sites or even on a page in their own site. All these links hold some levels of electricity. Sites with a high Page Rank usually send a high level of this electricity to search engines like Google. In turn, this creates a surge of voltage that tells Google that your website is really useful, valuable, helpful and informative. The link electricity is very powerful. The hard work that’s involved in attaining the links is exactly where we usually step in.

There’s no fixed or the golden number of the backlinks. Ideally, you have to acquire backlinks from reputable websites in a natural, ongoing fashion through the creation of PR, relationships, and unique content.

Social Media platforms are quite helpful and can help you gain backlinks as well as mentions along with handy visitors to your site pages, blogs as well as press1 releases. Social media campaigns are one of the most suitable techniques for promotion on the web and provide great support to SEO as well as SEM. Engaging in social media promotions helps you stay connected with millions of people at a single time and you can form a community of loyal customers who are interested in your products or service.

Search engines can’t read images. However, they can read the text. Alt text usually helps them to figure out what these images are all about. In addition, if a page does not load for some reason, people can still get to know what these images are by reading the alt texts.

Page Ranks are a quite debatable topic and a maximum number of people are not aware as to how a page in ranked. Certain factors like age of the page, backlinks, and the SEO content is used to prepare it methodically. Earlier page ranks proved quite helpful and Google used it to determine the search rankings of the web pages. But today page ranks are not as important as they were and are one among the 200 tools that Google utilizes to determine the popularity of a web page. Page ranks play a vital role today as well but are not the only option or the leading force.

For this purpose Google uses Google Webmaster Tools, it is a permanent service from Google for webmasters. The webmaster proves quite handy and helps webmasters optimize the site by checking the status indexing. The Google Webmaster tool comes with various different tools and aids the webmasters in checking the sitemaps as well as creates internal and external pages. The tools also help in viewing the statistics as to how Google speeds up the web pages on the search engine. The tool is extremely crucial and anyone who wants to optimize their website should have this tool.

Determine your potential returns on investment. Most online marketing tactics usually help in bringing more business and traffic to your site thus raising your revenue. There’s always need for online marketing. Nevertheless, ensure that your provider is presenting you with the quantifiable results.

The importance of content cannot be undermined when you talk about the web. The whole purpose of the web is to educate and inform the users and creatively fresh as well as informative content can surely help you to achieve good rankings in search engine. Unique and handy content not only increases the traffic on your site but it also helps your site linked to and by other sites which greatly improves the visibility of your site.

Quite handy, Google Analytics help the site owner analyze the behavior of the visitor in regard to the site. The Google Analytics tool is crucial and helps you get information as to how many visitors you have had on the site on each day. You also get to know as to what time each visitor spent on the page and what web pages they crawled on. Quite useful, Google Analytics can help you enhance the web pages ability to attract visitors on browsers.

A 301 redirect is quite crucial and informs the spiders of the search engine that the content of the page has been moved to another location. This proves quite vital and helps ensure that there is no lagging or non-working; also aids in making the links become active on your page.  

A robot.txt file simply functions as a request that is ignored by specific robots as well as the directories in their search. The robot.txt files are used to provide privacy for many search engine results for the fact that content or information might prove misleading to the visitor.

Accessible to crawlers and users of the website, XML sitemap can be defined as the list of all pages of a website. XML is helpful in listing the pages on the website and organizes them in a hierarchical manner. XML is quite important and helps the search engine find your site better and crawl it suitably.

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