Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can optimize your current organic traffic segments and discover any barriers to website ranking.

Technical SEO Audit is a process of analysing different elements that may affect the online site visibility and ranking in search engine. There is no shortage of SEO consultants who can identify the borderline of technical issues. You can purchase a software for auditing as well.

At Search Markup, we provide best Technical SEO Audit service that is aligned with your business needs, then follow up with comprehensive audit report and prioritized  into an actionable plan with clear guidance that generates an effective results.

Our Technical SEO Audit Services Corner

  • HTML Audit
  • Crawling
  • Site-Architecture Audit
  • Off-Page Audit
  • On-Page Audit
  • Link audit
  • Duplicate Content
  • Social Media Audit
  • Traffic Source Audit
  • Malware Check
  • White-label SEO Audit

How it Works?

We bring our expertise in understanding how search engine works to determine how your website rank.

  • In-depth analysis: Learn more about the hurdles that are causing your business web presence to rank on search engines. Our Technical SEO audit comprises of various stages from competitive analysis, page level analysis, quality content analysis, technical analysis, profile analysis, and user experience analysis.
  • Comprehensive audit report: We build a comprehensive report on SEO audit analysis. The analysis varies for every client with different needs. We begin by identifying key areas of improvement and suggest customized SEO solutions.
  • Prioritize action plan: Every element of the problem discovered will be taken in to consideration and accordingly best solution will be provided to improve organic performance that needs to be implemented (along with the timeline).

What are the Benefits?

We prioritise our findings in a roadmap to plot the journey for your upgraded SEO campaign.

  • Identify: We aim to diagnose key issues in your website those are not aligned with search engine practice and those need to be revised. Our technical consultant identify issues in a bespoke audit document.
  • Bring more valuable traffic: We help in discovering off-page and on-page issues that affect your website traffic. Rectifying these issues will enable your website to generate more traffic.
  • Maximize ROI: Once you decode the issues identified through Technical SEO audit, you will be able to perform a powerful SEO campaign and in returnable to generate more ROI.

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