Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Streamline your Business Marketing Strategy with Facebook Advertisement  

In today’s market scenario, no profitable and long-term businesses are built around commodity sales. They are constituted around storytelling and branding. For a marketer, Facebook has become one of the most influential tools to target audience. At Search Markup, we simplify the process of formulating a powerful marketing strategy which is proven to provide effective results for creating brand awareness and higher conversions.

The Benefit of Facebook Advertising

Campaign management: Expand your brand awareness by targeting active audience through enhanced, attractive, and engaging facebook campaign.

Lead generation: We help you in building an excellent lead generation strategy for your targeted service page to get maximum business leads.  

Increased conversion rate:

Get Traffic: We help you to analyse your targeted business audience and market who are more likely to click on ads and reach your business.

Drive Sales: Our facebook conversion focused advertisement helps you to increase traffic on our product and service page.

Get more app installation: Through targeted Facebook advertising, get straight traffic to your app page on App Store, Google Play, or Window store.

Our Facebook Marketing Offerings

We offer a quality-oriented range of services

Facebook Advertisement
: Connect your business with the targeted audience with our complete facebook advertising campaign management.

Facebook Page Management: You have a business and looking for a social media presence? We are here to rescue you. We help you with facebook page creation, management, and advertisement to create a concrete relationship with your target audience online.

Facebook Ad Audience Targeting: Connect with the people those have shown interest in your business with a custom campaign.

Facebook Ad Design: For a success of an advertisement campaign, an effective ad design is very critical. Our graphic designer, assist you to craft an ad that will resonate audience to view on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing: Our simple copywriting tactics will help your advertisement get more comments, likes, shares, and comments.

Facebook Ad Landing Page Testing: Success of any facebook ad is worthless without lead conversion. We help you build a powerful landing page with A/B method of testing.

Facebook Ad Optimization: Enhance the success of Facebook campaign by achieving higher ROI, increase the number of conversions, and lower your advertisement cost by optimizing Facebook ads.

Instagram Advertisement: We built well-crafted ads to increase your business on the Instagram platform.

Re-targeting Facebook ads: Implement powerful and effective retargeting facebook ad strategy as it helps in to create online sales by keeping your brand in customers eye and target them when they are ready to buy.

Facebook Ad Analytics: Monitoring and analysis is also an important part of a strategy. Track your social media campaigns to improve business ROI.

Why Choose Search Markup Facebook Marketing Services?

Over the years, Facebook has become a comprehensive marketing tool. We are here to assist you to make use of it.

  • Expose your brand to over 1 billion Facebook users
  • Increase web traffic by sending traffic from Facebook
  • Send traffic to the newsletter, sign-up page, or event registration page
  • Generate brand awareness by expanding business socially
  • We create a brand value by developing tailor-made solutions

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