Social Media PPC Services

Social Media PPC Services

Search Markup is a leading Social Media PPC service provider in India. Our online advertisements campaigns facilitate business to obtain maximum benefit. Whether you want to generate more quality traffic on your website or want to create online brand awareness, our PPC expert will chalk out an effective advertising strategy aligned with your business objectives.

Why Social Media Ads?

  • Boost website traffic: Social PPC services allows you to showcase your brand product and services to your target audience.
  • Create brand awareness: Extend your reach to targeted customers to create awareness about your brand. Creating brand awareness is a priority for any business.
  • Lead generation: Drive qualified leads through PPC advertising for greater ROI.  
  • Increase app installs: Creating an awareness about the app will create a buzz in the market, resulting in more installs.
  • Increase lead conversion: Optimize your ads to channelize greater lead conversion.

Types of Social Media PPC

Leverage your all social media platforms for more credibility and recognition.

  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Social Remarketing
  • YouTube advertising
  • Instagram advertising
  • Linkedin advertising
  • URL tagging
  • CRM integration

Social Media PPC Process

We employ blend of advertising activities to help you increase your web traffic.

Gathering Requirement

The initial step is to gather information about your business objective aligned with the audience needs.

  • Define project: Defining a project is very important. We start with understanding the role of different characters in the project.
  • Technical Audit: In this process, we learn about your business website to develop a baseline for current advertisement performance.
  • Keyword Research: Defining targeted keywords for PPC campaigns and Adwords based on the business goals defined in the project.
  • Competitive Analysis: Study and compare competitors strategy to determine the opportunity and risk in the market.  

Campaign Structure

Create a comprehensive advertisement campaign that clearly define project deliverables and measurable business objectives.

  • Strategy Building: Strategy is defined as a plan that leads to the success of the achieving the goals of the project.
  • Account Planning: Account planning is required to a high-performance customer advertising campaign.
  • Setting up landing page: Landing pages are used to drive visitors. Every ad campaign requires a landing page where traffic can be routed. This page should be captivating enough to engage visitors.
  • Technical and content Implementing: Implementing editing in the website code and content based on the strategy recommendations. This could include a change in various elements of landing page such as Meta tags, URLs, Meta description, or internal links.

Management and Maintenance

Monitoring and adjusting of a campaign based on the performance of keyword research and landing page.

  • Content Optimization: Making web pages more attractive for users to engage with content is known as content optimization. We develop quality content for your ad that performs and rank better. Moreover, attract customers to engage with the ad.
  • Keyword Refining: Invest in the keywords that produce results. Find, optimize, and refine keywords for better conversion rates.
  • Monitoring Web Analytics: We analyse and report website data to generate through an ad campaign for the purpose of understanding and optimizing the use of advertisement.


Monitor progress through a collection of data that gives you an insight into the accomplishment of the PPC ad.

  • Monthly Progress Report: Reporting is the important evil in our work which guide as an optimization report to improve our PPC advertising campaign.
  • ROI Report: It is a comprehensive overview of the campaign which can be adjusted to the projected plan based on the results achieved.

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